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7 Tips to save you money on your heating bills from a Newcastle Gas installer

1) Get a Programmer and room thermostat.

If you have a programmer , check it is synchronised with your clock and not on summer time in the winter or vice versa! Consider the on off periods – do you really need it on in the day if you are out at work? Or is it coming on at 5am when you don’t get up until 7am?

A room thermostat adds even more control to your system. Placed correctly it will switch off the heating regardless of the programmer when your house is warm enough. If you have a thermostat, check the setting. Just a one-degree reduction can reduce your heating bill by 10% and you probably won’t notice the difference.

2) Get Thermostatic radiator valves.

Thermostatic radiator valves (TRV’s) switch off the radiator they are fitted on, by detecting the temperature in the room and therefore save energy by not over-heating rooms that don’t necessarily need to be as hot as the rest of your home.

3) Turn your pilot light off.

If you are going on holiday and you have a permanent pilot gas appliance, why not try turning it off, the saving wont be massive but every little helps.

4) Wear a Jumper.

Sounds obvious, but wearing a jumper rather than turning the heating up will save you a considerable amount of money and energy over a long period.

5) Turn your Hot water thermostat down.

If you can cope with your hot water being slightly colder why not turn down your boiler thermostat which will be situated on your boiler display, you probably wont notice the difference but could save money.

6) Get your appliance serviced.

Getting your boiler serviced can in many cases seriously increase the efficiency of your appliance. See our boiler service page to see what a boiler service entails.

7) Replace your old inefficient boiler.

If your boiler is between 10 and 15 years old, then replacing your boiler with a new condensing boiler can save you around a third on your heating bills straight away.

Around 60% of CO2 emissions from your home are down to your boiler. With an efficient new boiler you could save up to 875kg of CO2 and £130 a year.

Add in a full set of heating controls as well as a new boiler, and you could increase the total savings to around £250 and 1.7 tonnes of CO2 a year.

Visit to see how efficient your boiler is.

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