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Boiler need reparing? Check out these 5 tips before calling a North East heating engineer

If your boiler is not working, there’s a good chance one of the following five tips, which you can check yourself, may solve the problem and save you some money in the process.


Check your pressure

All Combi boilers require a certain amount of pressure in the system. If the systems pressue is low (between 0 and 0.5) the boiler may not run, reasons for a pressure drop are as follows:

1) A leak on the central heating system (check radiators and pipework).

2) A defective relief valve on the combi itself (check to see if the overflow outside is wet/dripping).

3) Removal of a radiator for decorating etc.

4) Faulty expansion vessell.

To re-pressurise your boiler simply turn the black tap (illustrated in the diagram above) until you hear water flowing, during this process you should see the dial on the pressure gauge rising, when the black dial reaches anywhere between 1 and 1.5 turn the tap back to the off position(original position).


Check you have a gas supply.

Sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many times we get called out for this, simply turn on a gas cooker or gas fire to check.


Make sure your room thermostat is turned up.

For example if your room thermostat is on 10 degrees, then the boiler wont fire up your central heating until the tempertaure drops to 10 degrees, which is pretty cold, so turn it up.

turn it up!


Is your Pilot light on?

Many boiler’s have permanent pilot lights which means the pilot light is always on, regardless of the demand for heating and hot water. If the pilot light has been extinguished, then it needs re-lighting. To do this simply press and hold the button on the gas valve this is normally grey or green in colour but can vary, then press the spark button over and over again (whilst the button is pressed in) until the pilot light becomes visible through the little window (pilot viewing window), once lit count to 30 then slowly release the button, the pilot should now stay on.


Check you have electrical supply

Again an obvious one but still a very common fault. If a fuse spur is powering your boiler (like in the picture below) then simply remove and change the fuse, if its a plug then again change the fuse

If you stll have no joy, then the problem will need investigating by a CORGI registered Heating engineer

Please do not attempt anything which involves tampering with your boiler, this type of work is only suitable for CORGI registered Heating Engineer’s

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